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Documents needed to sell your property

We propose here to establish a non-exhaustive list of the main documents necessary for the sale of your property.

Of course, your real estate agent will look at your specific situation and help you through each step of the complex real estate sales process.

Identity documents

These are the documents that prove your identity: Citizen Card or Identity Card.

In Portugal, you will also need a Contribuinte number which is essential for all administrative procedures.

Caderneta Predial

This document certifies the tax status of the property. It also allows calculating the IMI : Imposto Municipal sobre Imóveis: 

Energetic certification

Since 2013 this document is mandatory. This document assesses the energy efficiency of your property from A+ (Very Efficient) to F (Low Efficient).

It lets your buyer know what work needs to be done to reduce their energy expenditure.

Property Plan

The floor plan shows the distribution and measurements of the different divisions of the property.

Certidão Permanente do Registo Predial

It's a bit like your property's ID card. Indicates the identity of the owners as well as the characteristics of your property.

 Licença de utilização

This document is essential, it proves that your house is habitable!

This document proves that all the legal conditions to fulfill this requirement are met.

Ficha Técnica da Habitação (FTH)

This document contains the technical and functional characteristics of an urban building for residential use, being mandatory for all properties built after March 2004.

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